Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What is family law III?

Defined, family laws are the laws that encompass legal issues that confront families. These issues can be divorce, custody matters, child support, adoption, paternity concerns, abuse and spousal support. Family law can also encompass mediation, annulments, protection orders and pre and post-nuptial agreements.

When seeking restitution or resolve through family law courts you do need to hire a good attorney and question the attorney concerning his experience in practicing family law. Question the attorney concerning what likes about practicing family law, what the challenges are and what skills are needed to practice family law. There are always changes in laws and an attorney needs to be aware of the changes and trends in family law. Is the divorce attorney aware of these changes and can he use them to protect his clients.

Most attorneys find themselves playing a counselor role when working with clients and family law cases. Divorce is a highly stressed and emotional time and helping clients work though family issues takes care and dedication. It is a challenge when one or both parties are not fully honest or forthcoming concerning possessions, plans and actions and the reasons for the divorce. To navigate through the complications of family law, it is important that you know what part the judge will play in your case and how you can best present your custody, abuse, support or divorce case.

An attorney can guide you through these questions but if you choose to defend yourself in family court you do need to be prepared to answer hard questions that relate to custody, spousal support and child needs. Follow court protocol, speak when spoken to and address the judge only if you are asked a direct question. Be honest when working through family laws. Whatever you do, do not circumvent family laws, lie to the judge, or hide assets. The latest trends in family law include Collaborative Law or a structured process that provides divorcing couples with family law issues an alternative to litigation.

By using collaborative law you can keep control of your situation and use your attorney when engaging in group meetings, negotiations and discussions to help resolve family matters. Collaborative Law is designed to resolve issues without going to court and family law can work well in this forum.

DISCLAIMER: This is not legal advice, and should not be construed as legal advice or relied upon as legal advice.


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